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Smaaash, Noida

When Smaaash collaborated with DLF Mall of India to spread happiness

This doesn’t happen every other day when popular entertainment chain like Smaaash collaborates with CRY foundation to give much possible happiness to the needy kids. I know, life is all about money and we people do our best to earn it. But when it comes to happiness, money doesn’t matter that much. Especially when happiness […]

Big Book Bazar - Books by weight delhi

Big Book Bazar – Purchase your dream Book by Kilo

I was roaming around Darya Ganj area in search for some good portraits and I ended up discovering this amazing place on my way back to metro station. Big Book Bazar secured a precious space in my heart as they were selling books with a unique concept. They sell books by weight. Isn’t that amazing? […]

Yamuna Ghat

Exploring Streets of Mathura & Yamuna Ghat

We arrived at the Mathura Railway Station at 7.30 a.m probably on time. Imagine a Journey from New Delhi to Mathura in just 1.5 hours. Probably exact time if I’m traveling from my home to Gurgaon in a metro train. Well, no doubt, Bhopal Shatabdi Express Train is truly Superfast. So we rushed towards the […]

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Monsoon Special Menu at Chaayos

Chaayos is one pretty accurate place for a bunch of friends or a couple who shares same love for Chai (i.e. tea). They’ve done some pretty gorgeous experiments with different kinds of Chai. One can even find their personal favorite Chai as they got a wide menu from all over India. Either it’s a cup […]

Yeti Veg Platter

Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen in New Delhi

People make plans for mountains. Few people succeed in their plans and rest of the audience can’t. Every other time you have to convince your friends unless you travel solo. I know it’s hard to convince someone to go there. But what if I tell you that if you’re craving for some Himalayan cuisines, you […]

Masterchef India finalist Mirvaan Vinayak and Sadaf Hussain

Live Cooking Session with Masterchef India Finalists

Not every day we got to experience Masterchef India finalist Mirvaan Vinayak and Sadaf Hussain cooking their best dishes for us right? It was a pleasure being a part of such a beautiful & sarcastic live cooking session with both the Chef Mirvaan Vinayak and Sadaf Hussain from Masterchef Season 5. Initially, when I got […]

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Sadhya Bhog at Zambar

Celebrating Vishu Festival with Authentic Kerala Cuisines at Zambar

Vishu Festival is celebrated every year on the First day of Medam or the Malayalam month which lies mostly in between the months of April and May of the Gregorian calendar. This auspicious Festival symbolizes the beginning of the Spring Season. Vishu indicates the day from which the farmers begin the ploughing of land and […]

Hindu New Year

10 Interesting Facts about Hindu New Year

Everybody knows about the English Calendar but very few people has ideas about Hindu Calendar also. So, I thought why not share some interesting facts about this day with my readers. Basically, it is celebrated on the very first day of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada and this time, we entered the Vikrami Samvat 2074. According to […]

Nomadic Art Fair

Nomadic Art Fair – A Place Full of Forgotten Golden Memories

Nomadic Art Fair is an amazing nostalgic place where one can recall all their childhood memories. Memories of playing with a toy which is more likely to a non-existence for the people of this generation. Nomadic Art Fair is full of those old memories. How I found this Place? I was just wandering nearby Connaught […]

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