7th Raasrang World Flute Festival 2016

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It was basically the 7th edition of Raasrang World Flute Festival, and yet it was the first time I heard of this beautiful and amazing event with all that contribution of so many countries performing one by one over a same stage in front of cheerful Indian Audience. The 7th Edition of Raasrang World Flute Festival was dedicated to global peace. There were around 5 countries that took part in this festival including Latvia, Slovakia, Italy, India, etc. It was a 3-Day long event from 23rd of September to 25th of September, 2016. All three days were divided into a combination of different flavors in music including tango, salsa, classical and contemporary.

Many well known instrument players from all over the world were there to rejuvenate the souls of audience with their melodious symphony in this Raasrang World Flute Festival. Some performances were in a group and some were also performing solo with their shiny instruments. Program was held at I.C.C.R. Auditorium, Indraprastha in New Delhi. Auditorium was a bit small but perfect for performances like these. And, as this World Flute Festival was free of cost, seats were almost full. Free passes were available all over the city including offline as well as online. Here are some details of the participants according to their performance date in this 7th Raasrang World Flute Festival.

23rd September 2016

Indian Classical by Pt. Chetan Joshi, India

As one of the leading classical instrumentalists from Delhi, Chetan Joshi has performed in various concerts over the last Thirty years. He has performed for almost all prestigious classical music concerts including Kalidas Samaroha – Ujjain, Taaj Festival – Agra, Swami Haridas Sangeet Sammelan – Mumbai, SAnkat Mochan Sangeet Samaroha – Varanasi, Sangeetotsav – Agartala, Dhrupad Mela – Varanasi and many more.

raasrang world flute festival
Pt. chetan joshi playing flute

Tango and Salsa by Riga Saxophone Quartet, Latvia

The Riga Saxaphone Quartet have been performing for 25 years. Among many original tunes they play engaging rhythms of Latin American music like jazz and tango.

raasrang world flute festival
Riga Saxophone Quartet
raasrang world flute festival
Riga Saxophone Quartet, Latvia

24th September 2016

Indian Classical by Pt. Ronu Majumdar, India

Indian Flute Maestro Pt. Ronu Majumdar is a style maker and has invented unique style of Flute playing and rendering the Raga, which is mixture of ‘Drupad Gayaki’ with ‘Laykari’. He is responsible and credited for popularizing Indian Flute (Bansuri) amongst the younger generation of this era all over the Globe and as a reason many young & upcoming flute players are following his style.

raasrang world flute festival
Pt. Ronu Majumdar playing flute
raasrang world flute festival
Pt. Ronu Majumdar playing flute with hs support team

Contemporary flute by Maestro Baracchi, Italy

Maestro Arcadio Baracchi from Florence has been a flutist since he was 17 years old and along with classics he is well versed in special techniques to play contemporary music.

raasrang world flute festival
Contemporary flute by Maestro Baracchi, Italy

25th September 2016

Indian fusion by Pt. Ajay Prasanna, India

Born in 1969 in Allahabad, Ajay Prasanna’s guru was his father, renowned flautist Pandit Bholanath Prasanna of the Benaras Gharana. He was also the guru of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia. Ajay Prasanna is a superb musician, blending the modern with the traditional to create music that is melodious and unique. He is also known for his strength and fluency in both the gaayaki and tantrakaari styles of playing.

European Highland and Folk by Michal Smetanka, Slovakia

Michal Smetanka Slovak is a multi-instrumentalist who not only specializes in folk music but also produces the instruments for it himself. His repertoire is dominated by the original songs from the regions of Spiš and Šariš in Slovakia, especially songs of the pastoral culture.



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